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Double Dribble 
Or maybe triple or quadruple. On Sept. 1, Brad McEntire will attempt six hours of solo improvisation at the Margo Jones Theatre. No, he's not crazy. 
by Mark Lowry - published Saturday, August 31, 2013 

Dallas — An ungodly amount of nonstop improvisation has been done before in North Texas, and although Brad McEntire isn't attempting to break any records (except his own) or a feat like his pal Jeff Swearingen managed two years ago *, McEntire is nonetheless gonna go for the long-haul. 

He's attempting six-plus hours of solo improv on Sunday, Sept. 1 at the Margo Jones Theatre in the Magnolia Lounge. It's called, begins at 5 p.m., and the ticket is a suggest donation of $10. You can come and go as you please, and there will be two breaks, at the two and four hour marks. 

But you're encouraged to go for the marathon. It's not like you haven't sat through almost-as-long and much less interesting performances before. 

Here's more about the performance from the website of McEntire's performance company, Audacity Theatre Lab: 

Since 2005 McEntire has been developing a solo improvisational format called Dribble Funk. The longest he has performed the piece to date has been 50 minutes. On September 1, 2013 he will stand alone on the stage and attempt to create nearly six and half hours of spontaneous theatre. From an audience suggestion he will play all the characters, create all the environments and drive the story forward—whatever it may be—single-handedly. 

Artistic Director of Audacity Theatre Lab with a background in both traditional and experimental theatre, McEntire is one of a handful of pioneering performers in the sub-arcana of solo improvisation (there are only maybe a dozen or so consistent practitioners in the United States). He is the creator of the original solo improvisational story format Dribble Funk, a hybrid creation at the crossroads of longform improvisation, traditional theatre and storytelling. He is also a playwright, solo performer, visual artist, director, podcast host, webcartoonist and raconteur. More information at: www.BradMcEntire.com

Audience members may come and go after initial admission, though are encouraged to stay for the entire performance. There will be two short breaks in the performance at the two and four hour marks. Food and drink will be available on site for the duration of the performance. Outside food and beverage are permitted (including alcohol...BYOB). Do not worry. You will be taken care of. It will be an adventure. 

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