Sunday, May 25, 2014

DSF responses from performers

Brad here. I 've been concerned that the out-of-town performers coming in for the Dallas Solo Fest haven't had really big crowds. I didn't want anyone to leave with a bad taste in their mouths about the Fest or Dallas. Luckily, even if attendance has been low there have been other trade-offs (great press, good vibes, successful workshops, etc.) to help make it a positive experience for everyone. Wonderfully, some of the performers have taken the first ever DSF in stride and rolled with it. Here are two of my favorite responses from performers...

"I started my show a little down, as I only had an audience of 5. (10:30 time slot for an hour-and-a-half dramatic show, so...) And then they were a PIN-DROP quiet audience the whole way through. (C'mon! Some of this shit is comedy gold! PLEEEEEASE? But they were all holding hard eye contact, and barely shifted in their seats the entire time. Then they spontaneously made a 10 minute Q and A happen at the end, which has never happened before, and one of the gentlemen was a producer who says he wants to book me for a weekend of performances elsewhere in Texas next spring, with real money and travel costs and everything. So I guess you just never know.... "
~ Veronica Russell, A DIFFERENT WOMAN 

"Sometimes I get slutty and demanding and wanting a hundred people at every show I do. But then I have an amazing show, really, a beautiful wonderful experience where everyone is having a blast, with 8 people in the room. That feeling of soul-freeing, spontaneous community is why we do what we do. Numbers do not mean shit in the long run."
~ Deanna Fleysher, BUTT KAPINSKI

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