Sunday, May 3, 2009

We at Audacity really HATE asking people for's just not in our nature. We're pretty independent. But we hate the idea of not being able to pay our artists even more than we hate the idea of asking for money. And we need YOUR HELP to raise $1,000 for our late summer 2009 production of Greg Romero's MILKY WAY CABARET! ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, people!!!

So, we were sittin' around, between dreaming up exciting theatre projects, questioning the effectiveness - for a company our size - of those contribution solicitation letters that everyone gets this time of year. We're fairly certain that most of them end up in the trash, and a campaign like that can get pretty pricey between the printing, the envelopes, the postage, etc. Not to mention, it kills trees. And that's not good.

At Audacity we like trees.

Plus, we wanna spread the net wide instead of deep. So, we're asking for TEN * LOUSY * BUCKS... from 100 people.

Yep, in this economy, every little bit helps, so we're asking for a little bit. TEN * LOUSY * BUCKS. If you have $10 right now, why not donate it to us. By this time next week, you probably won't even miss it or even notice that its gone. Don't send $83 or $178, like many people do. We're asking for TEN * LOUSY * BUCKS.

TEN * LOUSY * BUCKS from 100 individuals. You'll be listed on this website and considered a friend and VIP.

If you could make this quick and easy donation of just TEN * LOUSY * BUCKS, we would really, really appreciate it. It's simple.You can send us a check, or cash or donate online with our TicketsToTheCity page via credit card at the link below. We're 501(c)3, so you can write the donation off as tax deductible.

Mail contributions via check, cash or money order to: Audacity Theatre Lab, 1717 Mayflower Drive, Carrollton, TX 75007

Do it for the trees...

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