Friday, January 20, 2012

EYE episode 5

EYE IN THE SKY Episode 5 is online NOW! With pieces by John M. Flores, Jeff Hernandez and Ken Urban, the episode features the voices of actors Angela Parsons, Whitney Holotik, Ruth Engel, John Flores, Brad McEntire and Christie Vela. Recorded by John Flores and sound designed by Chris Humphrey.

"Punk Eye" by John Flores features two prostitutes in the city on a hot day. The giant eye is overhead and they encounter a street bum. Something is definately off about him. The scene gets tense until two garbage men come along. That is until a beam shoots out from the eye and one of the garbage men becomes "off" himself.

Jeff Hernandez presents "Okay Billy" about two parents out on a stroll with an impressionable youngster in tow.

Ken Urban submits his wonderful musical soundscape.

Check out the episode here.