Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Audacity Solo Salon - Autumn 2016

Mikey Abrams, Stefany Cambra and Issac Young
The aim of the Audacity Solo Salon is to support and nurture both established and emerging solo performers in the north Texas area. It is also a way to extend the mission of the annual Dallas Solo Fest beyond just the festival itself. 

This quarterly series will be a way for solo artists to rehearse, experiement and develop their work in front of supportive audiences. Come on out and see a new one-person show in progress...

This most recent installment in what has become a semi-quarterly series from Audacity Theatre Lab will featured excerpts from solo pieces in development by Mikey AbramsStefany Cambra and Isaac Young.

It was held Sunday, November 20 @ 7:30 pm at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park, Dallas TX

Admission to all Audacity Solo Salons is P-W-Y-C (donations go towards the the Dallas Solo Fest). Also BYOB!

The Excerpts:

he Joy of Publik Skool - Written and Performed by Mikey Abrams
After years of teaching drama in the inner city near Dallas, a gay Jewish high school teacher, exhausted and frustrated, swears this year will be his last in the classroom. He will finally get to live his dream of acting in a lead role. Or will he? In his one-man comedy, writer-performer Mikey Abrams doesn’t filter the reality.  Just makes it funnier. 

Big Enough: The Adventures and Musings of a Bumblefuck - Written and Performed by Stefany Cambra
A one-person show that focuses on interactions of love and blending in until being ready to stand out.

BLINK - Written and Performed by Isaac Young
A one-man play about the angel Gabriel, who has returned to earth with a crisis of faith.