Monday, October 10, 2011


In this edition of Spotlight, we wanna shine a little on ATL's newest company member, Ms. Rhianna Mack. A wonderful actress who has worked several times in Audacity productions over the last few years, Ms. Mack is keeps extremely busy and is just starting to really spread her wings as a fully rounded theatre artist.
Q: Hometown?
A:Shreveport, LA

Q: Strangest Theatre-related job? 
A: Hmm.... this one is tough because I honestly can't think of anything..... Wait! Does this count....? (see the following short story) I was on a national tour for a show a couple of years ago. The weather was extremely wintry we had traveled pretty far north on the way to our next venue. The cast usually drives a 15-passenger van and a 24-foot truck hauling a massive set and cast luggage. Well this particular day- the big truck decided to break down on the side of the highway and we were miles away from a tow truck place or Budget (the place who rented us the truck). Nevertheless, calls were made to both Budget and a towing company. The snow fell steadily while we waited. After exercising much of everyone's patience, eventually, the new truck showed up! We had to walk everything (set, luggage, and all) over from one truck to the other in the freezing cold and snow- and, as you could imagine, that took quite a while.

Q: What experience(s) made you want to go into the theatre?
A: Getting cast in my first show after auditioning for the first time during my first semester of acting school made me feel like I could be successful in the theater industry. Though I still have a great interest in doing more film, performing in front of a live audience is such a uniquely rewarding experience as well as the exchange between the audience and performer(s).

Rhianna Mack as Charlotte in Greg Romero's MILKY WAY CABARET (with Tyson Rinehart as Buzz) (ATL 2009)

Q: Tragic flaw? 
A: I, too, suffer from "overanalyctus procrastinactus". In other words-I am working on not being so over-analytical about how to approach or finish a project that it causes me to procrastinate somewhere in the process of beginning and/or completing the task. (...if I could just think of a way to stop over-thinking....)

Q: If you could change one thing about theatre, what would it be? 
A: I think the more we push the envelope of all-around creativity and diversity the better off it'll be. Certain shows will always be staples in the theater community, but it's so refreshing to see the success of fresh ideas and the pushing of creative boundaries in story-telling, direction, and casting.

Q: Who are or were your theatrical influences? 
A: I cannot name particular names, but I am always influenced when a talented actor/actress (local or otherwise) manages to "convince" me into their alternate universe so skillfully that I forget about anything and everything else.

Q: What kind of theatre really excites you?
A: Out-of-the box and extremely well-performed theater excites me. Perhaps this is a blanket answer, but it's accurate. Also, theater that doesn't rely on "black-outs" and has genuinely good direction and use of the stage/blocking is best.

Rhianna Mack with the cast of VOLUME OF SMOKE by Clay McLeod Chapman (ATL 2010)

Q: What is in the near future for you as far as your work in the theatre? 
A: Currently, I am on a national tour for approximately the next 9 months to a year. Once this is complete, I look forward to producing more of my own original works. I am also planning to do a 6-month stint in New York.... just to see what's what, ya know?

More information on Rhianna at her website: