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We believe theatre should be relatively inexpensive to create and inexpensive for you to come see. 

So, our "official" productions - not festival pieces or special events - operate on a policy of low-cost tickets (usually $10-$20). If you have more and dig the show, show it with a nice additional donation. You can donate... HERE

If you are a little strapped, you're still welcome to our show. We'll work something out. You can always buy tickets with cash at the door with most of our events (though we suggest you call and make reservations). 

DISCOUNTS: There usually are none. Sometimes we'll do a group-rate discount or on the very rare occassion a student/senior discount. The ticket prices are kept super-low or are by suggested donation. Pay more if you can, less if you have to.

The Box Office opens 30-40 minutes prior to curtain. Best to arrive early if you plan to pay with cash or credit.

Online tickets... HERE 

More ticketing info on our website... HERE 

For reservations by phone call: 214-888-6650

Feel free to E-mail us