Friday, January 22, 2016

Shout Out from TheaterJones about TARANTUBEARS

Dani Martin as Crossbow Joan in NIGHT OF THE TARANTUBEARS

The play is by [Jeff Hernandez and] Brad McEntire for his outfit Audacity Theatre Lab, and really all you need to know is the title: The Night of the Tarantubears. Horror plus comedy equals camp that McEntire does so well. | Jan. 21-31

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NOTE: Brad didn't know he did "camp." But he does do kick-ass storytelling and fills it with humor and insight.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Night of the Tarantubears

From the twisted minds of writers Brad McEntire and Jeff Hernandez comes a comedy horror World Premiere... 
Directed by Brad McEntire 

A genetic experiment surfaces as a seemingly harmless viral internet sensation. Part bear, part spider hybrids are the latest trend. But what happens when our passing fascinations grow and things begin to go horribly horribly wrong. Five survivors hole up in an abandoned theatre, while the city is over-run by genetic monstrosities. Who will survive the night? 

Featuring Miller Pyke, Dani Martin, Whitney Holotik, Brian Witkowicz and Kasey Tackett 

Playing January 21-31, 2016 
at the Margo Jones Theatre in historic Fair Park 1121 First Ave., Dallas, TX 75210

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