Friday, October 17, 2008

World Premiere coming in February!

Coming February 18 - March 7, 2009

The World Premiere of
HELLO HUMAN FEMALEA new play from the twisted comic mind of Matt Lyle

The playwright behind Bootstraps Comedy Theater’s 2007 run-away hit THE BOXER teams up with Audacity to present the world-premiere of his brand new play!

HELLO HUMAN FEMALE is set in motion when an online dating service connects Tamela, a guileless 37 year old virgin looking for love, with Dr. Gorn, an evil scientist with ambitions of world domination. Things don't go according to Dr. Gorn's dastardly plan when Tamela falls instantly in love with his henchman, Blork, a simple, misshapen creation of the evil scientist's. When Tamela takes Blork home to Mother, Blork is quickly sent away on what ultimately becomes a journey of self-discovery. The play follows Blork on his trek, with Tamela hot on his trail. HELLO HUMAN FEMALE is an odd and whimsical tale with the message that being full of love and kindness can make up for all of our apparent shortcomings.

Playing at Dallas' newest theatre venue, the Ochre House, 825 Exposition Avenue, Dallas. February 18-March 7, 2009. Directed by Audacity Theatre Lab Artistic Director Brad McEntire.

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