Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ROSALITA'S DEAD MAN: notes on the play and playwright

About the Play
ROSELITA'S DEAD MAN is a Lesbian/ Death/ Love Triangle revenge story presented as a multiform puppet piece (shadow and articulated tabletop) and accompanied by an original electronic soundscape. It's part of a larger puppet/mask piece being developed by ATL called THE LUNATIST [AND RELATED TALES OF WOE]. It is an expansion of the same excerpt Brad McEntire presented solo at Bobbindoctrin Theatre's Puppet Festival in Houston in 2007. 

Engel and McEntire had a great time in Phoenix. The show went great and everyone was so freakin' friendly. Special thanks go out to dear friend and colleague Greg Romero, for recommending Matt's Big Breakfast (the griddlecakes get the highest marks!) and to Chris Danowski of Theatre In My Basement He was the festival founder/coordinator. Thanks to him for both putting Engel and McEntire up for the weekend in his spare room (which was his office/daughter's room... so it had a Mac on one side and a Barbie Dream House on the other) and, most of all, for inviting them out to play to begin with.
About the Playwright
Brad McEntire serves as the founding Artistic Director of Audacity Theatre Lab. His plays include ARSENIC & ROSES, FOR THE LOVE OF AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST, CHOP and A TALL TALE OF TEXAS. Besides ROSELIA'S DEAD MAN, he is also the author of two other plays for puppets: RAPUNZEL: A FUNK MUSICAL SHADOW PUPPET TALE (produced in Hong Kong by DEER Theatre, Oct. 2006 & Apr. 2007) and ANGEL IN THE BARN (produced at Plano Childrens Theatre, Dec. 2008). He is a member of UNIMA-USA and the Playwright's Center. 

McEntire also plays as one half of the improvisational comedy duo FUN GRIP and is the inventor of the solo improvisational format DRIBBLE FUNK. 

For more information on Brad McEntire visit here.

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