Thursday, January 29, 2009

PENS & STRINGS premieres in Austin

For playwrights and childhood buddies Jeff Hernandez and Brad McEntire PENS AND; STRINGS marks their first collaboration together on a written piece for the stage. Drawing on an original idea by Hernandez and a smattering of the life experiences of both writers, the one-act became a funny, intimate exploration of one character's real and imagined relationships with two immediate women in his life... the ex-girlfriend of his recent past and the attractive waitress right in front of him.

Director Ruth Engel, a veteran of staging the works of McEntire and a friend of both playwrights assembled a small cast of talented actors - including Rasa Hollender, Angela Parsons and Oscar Contreras - to tackle the meta-theatrical piece. It was presented on January 16th at Austin's Hyde Park Theatre as part of the 2009 FronteraFest.

Despite some last minute worry that the piece would be under-rehearsed, it went over very well and the audience response was great.

To see a video of the performance click here...

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