Wednesday, August 5, 2009

EYE IN THE SKY Episode 2

EYE IN THE SKY Episode 2 in now online.

Great work by Erin Courtney, Greg Romero and Daniel Talbott.

Also, shout outs to the performances of Megan Woodall, Jeff Schmidt, Lydia Mackay and Jeff Swearingen.

As always, the direction is by Brad McEntire, audio recording and reading of the intro by Mr. John Flores and Ms. Chris Humphrey is on original music and audio engineering.

SPECIAL NOTE about this episode: In 2008 Audacity instigated a collaboration with playwright Greg Romero called 3P/3Y. In a nutshell, ATL agreed to produce three of Mr. Romero's pieces, be they large or small, over a three year period. We are happy to say, the piece enclosed within this episode, GOODB(EYE), written specifically for Audacity's Eye In The Sky project completes this collaboration.

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