Friday, January 1, 2010


Audacity Theatre Lab is proud to present the return of playwright Matt Lyle's twisted and heart-warming tale of misfits in love. Back by popular demand!
An online dating service connects Tamela, a guileless 37 year-old virgin looking for love, with Dr. Gorn, an evil scientist with ambitions of world domination. Things don't go according to Dr. Gorn's dastardly plan when Tamela falls instantly in love with his henchman, Blork, a simple, misshapen, noodle-armed creation. When Tamela takes Blork home to Mother, Blork is quickly sent away on what ultimately becomes a journey of self-discovery. The play follows Blork on his trek, with Tamela hot on his trail as they come across a cavalcade of eccentric individuals. HELLO HUMAN FEMALE is an odd and whimsical tale with the message that being full of love, kindness and understanding can make up for pretty much all of our apparent shortcomings.

Returning for the remount are four of the original cast memebers: Arianna Movassagh as Tamela, Jeff Swearingen as Blork, Jeremy Whiteker as Dr. Gorn and Mother, Becca Shivers as Timmy and Mandy. They will be joined by Audacity regular Tyson Rinehart as Homeless Harry and Gramps.  
Matt Lyle offers a new updated script and Brad McEntire returns to the director's helm.

Playing at the Teatro Dallas Space, 1331 Record Crossing Road, Dallas TX 75235. January 13-23, 2010.

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