Saturday, May 1, 2010

Give some CHOP feedback...

So, hopefully you've had a chance to see CHOP, either in Addison or Santa Fe or in Phoenix. The piece continues to evolve and is very much a work-in-progress. I continue to whittle away on it and I'd very much like your feedback.

Feel free to put your thoughts, impressions, likes/dislikes, criticisms and more in the comments section below. You, the audience, are the last ingredient of and the ultimate destination for the piece, so join in the dialogue of the process.

For more info on the backstory and the history of the process of CHOP visit here.

Thanks. ~Brad


Unknown said...

I was and am very interested in seeing "Chop." It has stayed in m mind since I first read about it. It has all the potential to hit on the dark humor I love. PLEASE put it up in DFW again and run it for a little while or let me come to a rehearsal.I think it sounds fascinating and has the potential to be more than it might appear on the surface. I suspect Brad could get to whatever that may be.

Anonymous said...
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