Thursday, June 21, 2012


In 2008 Audacity started a project called the EYE IN THE SKY project. Commissioning pieces from playwrights around the country and recording these pieces whenever there was time around bigger productions, the project took three and half years.

Monday, June 18, 2012 a CD Release Party was held, hosted at the Nouveau 47 Theatre's Margo Jones Building in Dallas' Fair Park (the birthplace of the American Regional Theatre Movement). Several pieces were read live, a video intro was shown explaining the project, many free CDs were handed out and much wine was consumed. A good evening at the theatre all around. 

Below you can see the intro video and pics from the event...

Free copies of the episodes were run off on CD and at the door for the taking...
Rhianna Mack reads Andy Eninger's ANT FARM from episode 1

Backstage the actors prepare for the live readings
Director Brad McEntire and Audio Recordist/Playwright John Flores

Ruth Engel, Brad McEntire, Oscar Contreras and Angela Parsons read Jeff Hernandez's BARRY, BILLY & LOUISE from episode 5
Brad McEntire reads Jeff Swearingen's I HATE ALTITUDE from episode 4

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